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What is soybean protein?

Introduction of soybean protein

Soybean protein is generally divided into three categories, namely, ordinary soybean protein, soybean protein concentrate, and soybean protein isolate. General soybean protein can be used for animal feed for animal supplementation of protein, concentrated soybean protein can be used in food, such as our common soy milk,?soybean protein isolated?can be used in medical and healthcare products.

Our company produces machinery can be used to produce ordinary soybean protein and soybean protein concentrate, simple and convenient, inexpensive, high production efficiency.

How to make soybean protein

The ordinary soybean protein production process is Pretreatment????Solvent Extraction???CWet meal Desolventizer??-Dryer;

The soybean concentrate protein production process is Pretreatment???Csolvent extraction??- low-temperature desolventizer??-crushing flakes into powder.

Under normal circumstances, the whole process needs to keep the protein composition at low temperatures, at least 2 times during the pretreatment, and the shelling process must be carried out at low temperatures.

How to make soybean protein

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