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Snack Vending Machine/Food Vending Machine/Large Vending Machine

Product Features:

This product has super large capacity, high-quality compressor, compression shelf, intelligent temperature regulation, antibacterial liner, 21.5-inch industrial all-in-one screen, double-layer hollow tempered demisting glass, clear vision, remote background real-time monitoring of machine operation data.

Product Parameters:

Machine name: Beverage snack machine double cabinet vending machine
Machine model: cy-x64
Machine specification: 1930 mm (H) * 2050 mm (W) * 840 mm (T)
Machine weight: 500kg
Maximum power: 500W
Commodity capacity: 6 floors, 9 freight lanes per floor
(left refrigeration; right normal temperature) total capacity 270-400 pieces
Temperature setting: support 3-8 ° C (cold storage)
Body material: the cabinet is made of refrigerator foam box and thickened galvanized steel plate.

Application and After-Sales Service:

Video technical support

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