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How to Making Rapeseed Oil

Seed Cleaning: Aspiration, indent cleaning, sieving, or some combination of these are used in the cleaning process. During processing, meal quality can be affected by temperature and other factors.

Pre-conditioning and Flaking: The cleaned seed is first heated to about 30-40?C to prevent shattering.? Some moisture adjustment may also be required. The preheated seed is then flaked on roller mills, set to very tight clearance.

Cooking: The flaked seeds are then heated to about 75-100?C in cookers. An important function of the cooking operation is to control enzymatic activity in the flaked seed, which depends on temperature and moisture content.

Pressing: The heat-conditioned seed is passed into continuous screw presses or expellers to reduce the oil content of the seed from about 42% to 16-20% mechanically.

Refining: To ensure good stability and shelf-life, the crude oil goes through a series of?refining processes?to remove compounds like phospholipids, mucilaginous gums, free fatty acids, color pigments, and fine metal particles.

Different Oil Yield According to Different Seeds

Although with the same?screw oil press machine, the handling capacity, oil yield, and dry cake residue differ when processing different oil-bearing materials.

How to Making Rapeseed Oil

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