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How to Extract Oil From Groundnut

Peanuts/groundnuts should firstly be shelled and cleaned by certain seed cleaning equipment, to separate foreign material from peanuts seeds. Then crushing and roasting the cleaned seeds to proper particles as well as pressing temperature. At this time, the pretreated peanuts kernels could be pressed by oil expellers to extract peanut oil. However, the?crude peanut oil?usually contains a number of impurities. So for edible oil, the pressed peanut oil needs to be sent to the?oil refining plant?for further processing or you can just equip an oil filter press to filter your oil.

Peanut Oil Extraction Process

extracting oil from groundnut is conventionally extracted by either mechanical pressing or solvent extraction. Peanut Oil Extraction Process?is a less efficient process but with healthier oil, leading to low oil recovery. Solvent extraction, although its recovery is in the 90-98% range, has inherent disadvantages of the poor quality of protein in oil cake, and high investment, and energy requirements.

how to extract oil from groundnut

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