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Floor mounted Digital X-ray System for Veterinary

Floor mounted Digital X-ray System for Veterinary

200mA Digital X-ray System for Veterinary (LCD touch screen). It can be widely used for small animal, is easy to use, ultra-durable, and create digital images of superior quality.

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Profession Veterinary Acquisition Software

Support different brands of X-ray generators
Support Multi-languages
Support RIS/PACS/DICOM Printer Connection
Support professional tools
Professional and efficient DR workstation
Patient management
Image capture
Image post-processing
Print and storage






Technical Specifications






Output Power 20kW
Power Voltage 220V±22V
kV range 40~120kV
mA range 32~200mA
mAs range 0.32 ~200mAs
Loading time 10~4000ms
X-ray Tube Small focus 1.0
Large focus 2.0
Anode speed 2800r/min
Collimator Inherent filtration 1.0mm Al /75kV
Light Source Super LED

Mechanic Table

SID 1000mm
Bucky 18*18
Bearing ≤150kg
Top Table Size 1220X700X830mm
Table Movement With wheels
Floating Table Top Movements Two Ways
Floating Table Top Position by soundless manual Brakes
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