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DR,Digital Portable X-ray System  for Veterinary

DR,Digital Portable X-ray System for Veterinary

DX100 Digital Portable X-ray System for Veterinary (10.4-inch touch screen). It can be widely used for equine/large animal, Companion, exotic, and mixed animal practices is easy to use, ultra-durable, and create digital images of superior quality.

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Profession Veterinary Acquisition Software

Support different brands of X-ray generators
Support Multi-languages
Support RIS/PACS/DICOM Printer Connection
Support professional tools
Professional and efficient DR workstation
Patient management
Image capture
Image post-processing
Print and storage


1.6 periods of digital LED display
2.Failure self-protection, self-diagnosis
3.High precision control of tube voltage, tube current
4.48 kinds of presupposed anatomy memory pattern choice
5.The accuracy control method of simulation and double digital loops
6.X-ray tube complete surrender by lead for protecting X-ray leaking
7.Exposure by hand switch
8.Exposure by remote control
9.Exposure by touch screen

Technical Specifications

Main Component                       Tech Spe.
  Voltage AC220V ± 22V



Power 5kW
kV Range 40~110kV
mA Range 20~100mA
mAs Range 0.2-200mAs
Working Frequency ≥40kHz
Exposure time 0.01S~4S

X-ray tube

Anode heat storage 56KHU
Focus 1.8mm
Inherent filtration 1mm Al/75Kv
Light source LED
Touch Screen Dimension 10.4inch
Physical Spe.
Main Unit Weight 19 kg
Dimension 290×265×230 mm
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