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Automated Hospital Medicine Vending Machine For Sell Distributor Automatic

Automated Hospital Medicine Vending Machine For Sell Distributor Automatic

The product is a storage type vending cabinet, which can be used independently. It adopts a new generation of door control panel, and automatically opens the storage door after shopping. Attract customers’ attention.

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Product Features:

1. Equipped with 49 inch touch screen, commodity sales, multimedia advertising
2. Man machine dialogue sales mode, goods shopping faster
3. Bring a variety of small game functions to increase the fun of purchase
4. High quality compressor with 8 years service life
5. Hard and thick double spring drive, stable and low failure rate
6. It can be cooled and heated, and the temperature can be set to meet the needs of consumers in different seasons
7. One time multi purchase function, up to 5 items can be purchased at one time
8. The height of the freight way can be adjusted, and the adjacent freight ways on the same floor can be combined to flexibly adapt to different sizes of goods

24 hours self service vending machine1


Product Parameters:

Maximum capacity: 700 pieces (specific quantity depends on commodity size)
Cargo channel parameters: the number of layers and width of cargo channel can be adjusted
Dimension: width: 1324mm, height: 1820mm, depth: 840mm
Screen: 24 Inch Touch Screen
Products available for sale: beverages / snacks / daily necessities / cosmetics / drugs / health products / adult products / drinks / fresh fruits and vegetables, etc
Weight: 280kg

Application and After-Sales Service:

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