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Address: No. 1020, Floor 10, Building A, No. 55, Lianhua Street, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan China.
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Company Profile

Zhengzhou Qi’e Group And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery and equipment, scientific research, manufacturing, and sales. The company cooperates with Henan Institute of Mechanical Design and Research, Henan University of Technology (WFP) In the oil machinery, protein preparation, phospholipid extraction and other aspects of the new technology research and development and application.

Company Culture

Zhengzhou Qi’e Group And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. spirit: devout, fine, tight, harmonious. Penguin Mission: depending on the quality of life, depending on the user for God, the integrity of mutual benefit and common prosperity to Houdezaiwu. Quality-oriented technology innovation services penguin pilot pioneering spirit, to create international quality, so that our wisdom and passion under the guidance of scientific positioning, through devout, fine, tight, harmonious labor, and slowly create a fascination, fruit

Qualification Honors

Zhengzhou Qi’e Group And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. was named: Henan Province Star Star Enterprise, re-quality and trustworthy model units, 3.15 quality credibility double commitment unit, its Penguin brand mechanical products were awarded: China’s high-quality brand-name products, National quality reliable products and many other honors, customers sent skilled, trustworthy and other banners numerous.

Enterprise Patent

Zhengzhou Qi’e Group And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. in the technical aspects of investment and practice, and Henan well-known industrial university for technological innovation cooperation. And has access to a multi-functional screw press patent and design appearance patent, hydraulic press patent and design patents, pressure vessel production patent

Service Center

We will always follow the responsibility for each process, responsible for each product, for each user is responsible for the quality and dedication to customer service. Everything we do will do for you. We are convinced that: dedication to you a sincere heart will also be a sincere return!

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