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Zhengzhou Qi'e Group And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery and equipment, scientific research, manufacturing, and sales. The company cooperates with Henan Institute of Mechanical Design and Research, Henan University of Technology (WFP) In the oil machinery, protein preparation, phospholipid extraction and other aspects of the new technology research and development and applicatio...

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  • Pretreatment and Pre-pressing

    The technology of my company for pretreatment and pre-pressing which mainly include the cleaning, extrusion, flaking, decrustation and pre-pressing and so on.

  • Solvent Extraction Technology

    10-3000T/D Oil extraction plant designed by Zhengzhou QI'E Company mainly contains Rotocel extractor, Loop type, and Towline extractor. According to the different raw material, we adopt different machine type, and we adopt D.T.D.C Desolventizer machine, Full negative pressure evaporation, and Paraffin recycling equipment at the same time.

  • Edible Oil Refinery Technology

    5-3000T/D Oil refining is according to the different of oil and the impurities in the physical and chemical properties, separate the grease and impurity by some technical ways, in order improve the oil edible, storage, and safety process. Oil refining is divided into chemical refining and physical refining.

  • Protein Concentrated Isolates

    Vegetable protein has incomparable nutrition and functional characteristic compared with animal protein. Vegetable protein has been widely used in the food and feed industry recently.

  • Palm Oil Processing Line

    Palm oil fractionation technology developed by Zhengzhou QI'E Company is with advanced technology, full computer control system and low cost of investment. It is also with high liquid oil yield, high purity solid fat, high economic benefit, etc, advantages.

  • Automatic Control System

    Penguin has integrating advanced, safety, reliability, automation control system used in the large oil pretreatment, extraction, refining, fission production in oil engineering, etc.

Analogue Portable X-ray Machine for Veterinary
Analogue Portable X-ray Machine for Veterinary
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